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"Iqiyi" and "Du Xiaoman" are two independent businesses of Baidu. IQiyi is a leader in China's Internet video industry. At the end of March 2018, iQiyi was listed on the NASDAQ in the United States. IQiyi is an important part of Baidu's new mobile business, and has deep synergy with Baidu in the fields of content, cloud services, and artificial intelligence technology. In the first quarter of 2019, iQiyi's subscription membership reached a record high, reaching 96.8 million, achieving rapid growth in diversified revenue including advertising, content distribution, and IP value development. "Du Xiaoman Finance" is a new brand formed by the split of Baidu's financial services business group, and is Baidu's key layout in the financial field. As a fintech company, Du Xiaoman is committed to using Baidu's AI advantages and technical strength to use technology to provide more trusted financial services to more people.

Baidu business services integrate resources such as search, information, video, offline scene screens, and alliance traffic to form a media matrix covering all scenarios and users, and rely on AI technology and big data capabilities to provide consumer insights, automated creativity, and business applets. Wait for a complete set of smart marketing solutions. Provide enterprises with comprehensive business services for brand building, effect promotion and consumer operation. Digital marketing will enter the 4.0 era with AI intelligent marketing as the core in 2019.Baidu business services will achieve new connections, new scenarios, new traffic, and the "four new synergy" of new brands, and will be fully applied to search promotion and information flow advertising , Brand marketing, product promotion and other core commercial products. In addition, after 17 years of development, the Baidu Alliance has evolved from the search alliance and advertising alliance in the PC era to today's new ecological alliance, covering terminal manufacturers, operators, websites, mobile apps, software, Baijiahao creators, and other types. Nearly a million partners. As one of the most powerful alliance systems in the country, Baidu Alliance is always committed to "making partners stronger". Based on the challenges and opportunities in the post-mobile era, the Baidu Alliance is upgrading from a traffic alliance to a “user alliance” to build a more open source mobile Internet ecosystem for partners, to understand and serve users in depth, and to achieve mutual benefit and prosperity.


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